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LIFE IS GOOD!! March 6, 2009

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My computer has survived my onslaught of crazy remedies!

Yes..  No longer will there be a ton of posts on how crappy my life is because my computer is not working, or because I did something stupid to ‘fix’ it!  I will have blissful posts about fairies and dragons and how elves ride hippogryphs!

Okay, maybe not.

But I am VERY glad that I got everything working and did not have to enlist the help of a professional.

I am thankful for all of you out there patient enough to read through these first few posts, and hope that you will bear with me through the next few days where I sort out just what Vista can and cannot do with out (as to free up some hard drive space), and enjoy my sense of humor – even though it’s been fairly lacking these past few weeks…

I appreciate it, and hope to fix that ASAP!

Thanks again, and I will have some more interesting posts tomorrow!

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Computer Issues Looking Up! March 2, 2009

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Though I did not blog this weekend, I did make some headway on the home PC!  I can’t really explain what I did, because I don’t really know.  I do know that I found out that the computer states that my CD-ROM drive is supposed to be an HP DVD drive.  However, I must not have an updated driver or something because it does not actually read DVDs.  Unfortunately, I can’t *get* the update because I still can’t get online.

On that note, I tried my best to not do this, but I did a system restore on the computer.  I was doing this later in the evening, and since it was trying to reset to the middle of January sometime, I do not know for sure if it worked.  What I do know worked, was the Vista DVD in the laptop.  So, after lots of searching around for the McAfee software that is was in the laptop, I got Vista to install.  (Apparently, McAfee and Microsoft don’t get along very well.)  Now, I will go home and figure out how to use it.  Yeay, Technology!

At least now I know I need to take it off the PC before trying to install it there.


Edit:  I was WRONG!!!


Thank goodness for the Public Library February 12, 2009

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Since my computer is still kaput, I had to take the fiance to the library last night so he I could fill out some online applications for financial aid for his EMT class at the local college.  Id did make me a little excited and a bit motivated to do that kind of thing myself.  I won’t get any money out of the government, I reckon, but I am sure there are some scholarships and loans out there that I could qualify for!

Anyway, we were there, and I was able to get my after work Twitter and internet fix.  So that was nice.

When we returned home, after unsuccessfully attempting to find and buy some frozen artichoke hearts, I began to look for my old Windows XP CD.  When I finally found it, my heart skipped a beat or two.  I was thrilled I actually *had* the CD!

I held my breath and placed it in the drive.  It took a moment or two and I tried to keep my hope in check.  I heard the drive begin to run and my heart lept!  Only to be dashed moments later when the error message came up that stated I could not install that version of Windows XP because there was already a later version on mteh PC.


I wanted to smack one of the techs that came by that morning.  Right then and there!  Just because they are paid to fix these issues!!! 

Ugh..  Anyway, a few of my friends on FaceBook have suggested a few things – run an anti virus/ anti malware program, do a system restore, throw it out the window..  the usual…

So, I am going to see what comes of the advice these people have given me and if they don’t work – watch out below!  That computer is getting thrown! 

However, I will probably stop by the library tonight before I do all that, just to make sure I don’t miss any advice that may be able to help!  And to calm me down before I actually get home to that annoying paper weight!