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New Theme – New Questions February 24, 2009

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Ahhh… Tuesday.  I love you because you aren’t Monday or Wednesday.  I love you because you do not weigh me down with a ton of mail when I do my morning errands.  I love you because you are nothing but yourself. 

Now that my ‘Ode to Tuesday’ is done, I can get back to what I was doing.  Waiting for lunchtime.  I had my typical breakfast this morning and realized that I need to buy more ingredients for the quiche cups I so love in the morning.  This time – foil cups.  Though the paper doesn’t work too badly.  I even boiled some eggs last night, so I have a new snack – not that I don’t love the String Cheese!  But a change of pace is always nice.  For lunch, we have sirloin tips with mushrooms and broccoli.  I’m excited.  It’s a wonder what you’ll eat when hungry!

Okay, so I changed my theme, which I like a lot.  I just can’t seem to figure out how to get the header changed.  I would also like to add some things to the sidebar, but – unlike using the WordPress blogs from wordpress.org, it doesn’t seem as easy to customize.  Are html codes able to be used?  Or am I limited to the widgets available per the theme?

  I have a book that I purchased a while back when I tried to use WP the first time, WordPress for Dummies, by Lisa Sabin-Wilson so I am going to have to dig that out and read it over a few more times.  Though it focuses on the self-hosted blogs, there are parts that deal with the .com versions.  I’m hoping it can help me out!  People on Twitter are pretty good about answering some of the questions I have, too – which is nice!  It’s like my own online help desk. 

With that, I am going to go do a little more WordPress research (and blogging in general) while I can before heading back to work and my oh-so-not-busy-afternoon.


South Beach Diet ReStart February 16, 2009

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My first attempt at this South Beach Diet thing was last monday.  It started out pretty well, but quickly fell to pieces when my friends decided to go out for a couple of beers.  (Yeah, I’m a beer girl.)

So, I – as some dieters do – chalked the week up to a wash and focused on starting today.  I did my best to keep away from the breads (in fact, I haven’t had any since last week, which is great!) and potatoes, and anything else that was kind of high in the carb department.  I stayed away from the Valentine’s Day candies for most of Friday (when the office cupids hit us with the message hearts, chocolates and lollipops).  So Saturday and yesterday were all for me.

I ate what I wanted, drank what I wanted and had a Mardi Gras of my own!  Well, minus the boobs and beads….

Anyway, today I have been fantastic!  I had my breakfast of a piece of turkey meat and a quiche cup (Delish!), and for lunch some eggplant stuffed with beef and a hard boiled egg.  I think I may eat a string cheese when I am done with this post, but for now, I’m okay.

When I get home, I am either going to make some chicken to eat with some veggies, or take one of the beef stuffed eggplants home for dinner!  However, I should probably do the chicken thing, since the future hubby needs to eat too.  I guess.  I wish he would diet with me, but I can’t force him.  I can only cook and hope he likes what is put in front of him. 

But as of right now – 4:15 pm EST, I am feeling great!  No hunger pangs, no cravings, nothing!  Yee haw!

Let’s see if it lasts when I go home and try to fix my computer.  THAT is the true test….