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Monday Morning… Again February 23, 2009

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Good day!

After a relaxing and productive weekend, it is again, Monday.  As usual, I have high hopes for the week!  My running club begins on Saturday, so I am going to try to prepare for it for the next five evenings. 

The diet is back on track after a weekend dip.  At least, I think it is.  For breakfast I did the usual – turkey meat and quiche cup.  However, the lunch for today is a chicken salad on romaine.  That’s fine and dandy, but she made it with sour cream instead of mayo.  Now, I know that mayo should be limited, but I can’t find any info on the sour cream…  But I figure I will just eat it and  keep on track for the rest of the day and hope for the best.

I spoke with the future brother in law in law and yes, I know I wrote that twice.  It’s the brother in law of my fiance.  I know, it makes no difference in his relationship to me, but it’s fun to say!  So, I spoke with him while he and his family were in ‘Nawlins’ for Mardi Gras (lucky bas.. guy), and he told me that he has a disk that I can borrow that may be able to fix my computer.  I am hoping to High Heaven that it works.  I feel like I’m wasting my new 20″ flat screen on games that are not World of Warcraft.

I actually found my edition of The Temple of Elemental Evil and installed that yesterday to get a fix on some sort of gaming.  It wasn’t the same.  And it took me forever to remember just how to play it!  I still don’t have everything down… 

But at least I have my laptop and my phone.  It’s nice to be able to twitter and post things to Facebook while waiting in the bank line.  I swear, if I had an iPhone, it would never be torn from my hands!

OH! On a final note, I believe that the fiance and I have finally set a date to be wed!  Provided the church is available, and the Priest that we want to officiate the ceremony is willing, August 22nd will be the goal date! 

I almost had him for a Halloween wedding, which would have been cool because we could celebrate my sister’s birthday, have the wedding, go on our honeymoon, and celebrate MY birthday – all in the same week!  But then again, it’s enough stress with just the wedding…  YEAY!!!


Hobbies – World of Warcaft and what?? February 5, 2009

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World of Warcraft
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Welcome and thank you for taking a moment to check out my blog!!

In my free time, I would love to start blogging more often.  I need to start writing extra posts that I can publish on days where I just can’t get to the computer for more than a couple of minutes.  I think that would be the best way to begin.  Any thoughts?

Anyway, I also love to game. I am a huge fan of the World of Warcraft, where I have bunch of characters. I don’t play often enough to have a very high level character, but I’m happy with a level 62 Warlock!  I find it to be a great way to keep in touch with friends from around the country.  I guess I use it more as a chat room with fun stuff to do, than an actual game.

I also play on Xbox Live when I have some time – or when the fiance isn’t playing or watching the big TV. I love the arcade games, but I have always enjoyed playing the Halo series, Mechassault (old school XBox) and stuff like that. I am also a proud member of the GamerChix, which – last check – was over 8500 members strong!! As the creator, Trixie360 says, “That’s a lot of boobs!”

There are GameCubes and a Wii in the house – which are tons of fun if you are in the mood to bowl, race some friends in Mario Kart, or just be stupid and roam around places like you would in Sims type games.  Those are probably my favorite!

When I figure out how to do it, I will see if I can post pics of my characters and gamercard on a page dedicated to gaming.  In the meantime, I may just create the page and list some of the stuff I play and some of the gaming experiences I have had in the past.

Reading is another of my favorite things to do, however I don’t do it half as much as I would like. I just feel like there are too many other things I should be doing before I sit and read. It sounds odd, I know – but I just can’t justify it in my mind.  I will probably also create a page for books I am reading and have read in the past.  I’m sure I can figure out some sort of way to make it fun and creative..   I hope.

I am trying to get into running as well.  For Christmas, my fiance bought me the Nike+ ipod shoes and the sensor for my nano. It’s really a great little product!  I just don’t really know how to get myself motivated. I definitely need to get on the ball!  I have started with the ‘walk 5 minutes, run 1 minute, repeat’ type deal, but that gets so very boring!  Luckilly, I have a friend who is in a running group and they technically train for a marathon over 6 or 10 months or something.  I am waiting for more info on that! I think that running with a group would be a geat motivator for me – whenever that starts again!

So, that is what I do in my spare time as of right now.  At least, that is what I can think of right now.  I’m sure there will be more addded to the list in the future!

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