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Scribefire Attempt Failed February 20, 2009

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Yesterday, while I was stuck home without a car to get to work with, I decided to try to be as productive as I could be.

I got my laptop all set up, turned on the television and stumbled through some websites.  When I checked my Twitter account, I saw a post from @BlueFur about 10 Helpful SEO Tips for Bloggers.  Since I am new to the blogging thing, I gave it a look and thought it was fantastic.  So, I wanted to post about it.

I did the right click and chose Scribefire and ‘Blog this Page’.  It seemed to be going fine.  I wrote my post, published it, and (my own fault) failed to check to make sure it actually posted to my blog.

It didn’t.

I learned that this morning when I gave it a look see.  Ahh well, the blog post is still relavent, and a great help!  I’m liking this BlueFur person!  I guess this weekend I will have to give Scribefire another shot to see what I may have done wrong.

Hey, I just learned that today is National Margarita Day!  Thanks BlogThings!