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Internet Issues Continue February 15, 2009

Cupid Heart Valentine
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Well, first off, I hope all of you had a great, wonderful, fantastic Saint Valentine’s Day!

Next, as you can or cannot see – I got the internet working on my laptop.  This is definitely a temporary fix because my wireless connection is not always the best.  The adapter I have is picky.  Grr…   You would think it would work well because it too, is Linksys!!!   Alas, it does not want to work all the time.  So, I am taking advantage whilst I can!

I succumbed to the Techie’s advice and purchased the Vista upgrade for my computer.  I was looking forward to a smooth installation, so in preparation – I moved some stuff from my desktop to my Thumb Drive and my external Hard Drive.  It cleared up some space on my regular hard drive, which was nice!  Every GB of free space I can create, the better!

After some cleaning, defragging, clearing, I thought I was ready to install the Vista upgrade.  I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  Putting in the DVD or whatever, I got NOTHING in return!!  No response to the disk actually being in the drive!  How..  no, Why does that happen?  It has happened with one or two other of my dvds, too..   I don’t understand the problem, since I actually have a DVD drive!  ugh….

Anyway, I am still working on it.  I swear!

So, in the meantime, I am trying to figure out how to get my stinking computer back up and running CORRECTLY.  (I can’t get over the fact that it *does* connect to the internet, but doesn’t interpret http addresses – only IP.)

Have a great Race Day for you NASCAR fans!  And a happy President’s Day – especially if you don’t have to work!

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