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Music is my Life March 30, 2009

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Isn’t it everyone’s?

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved listening to music.  I guess it had to have started in grade school – I used to use the tv and radio to force me to concentrate on my homework.  It sounds a bit backward, I know – but it really did work! 

I also attribute my love of music to two years of flute lessons, a year of ballet, tap and jazz classes when I was in kindergarten and my dad listening to ‘oldies’ while cooking breakfast on the weekends. 

Regardless of what caused this passion to form in my heart and brain, I have just always enjoyed listening to whatever was on a station that had decent reception.  Oddly enough, I never really collected tapes or listened to my walkman.  (Yes, I said it – I had tapes and a walkman.)  I do, however, have a pretty decent collection of CDs, and they aren’t all of any one particular genre, either.  Though, I will admit, I do not have a whole lot of hard rock.  And by that, I mean groups like Metallica, Pantera, anything that would have been seen on the Headbanger’s Ball back in the days when MTv actually played music videos! 

It got to the point that back in July of 2001 I took the class at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Davie, Florida.  I loved it and was really (in my opinion and maybe one or two of the instructors’) quite good.  I could write spots pretty well, and deliver them clearly and with energy.  However, with digital radio taking over, and more and more stations going with skeleton crews or syndicated shows, there wasn’t much open when it came time for me to get my foot in the door.

I briefly had a spot with freakradio.net – which was really pretty cool, but short lived due to computer issues.  I think it has actually shut down since that time, which is sad because it had a pretty good group of people working on it.  I would *definitely* do that again if I could find a similar website.  (If you know of anything like that, I would be glad to check it out!)

In the meantime, I happened to be on twitter following BlueJeanBaby and I clicked on one of her links.  It lead me to Blip.fm which is FANTASTIC!  It may not make me an actual DJ, but it’s pretty close!  I have actually started to blip some songs on twitter, and I have even gotten some props for what I play!  It’s a neat little site and I plan to use it often.  If you happen to see DJDaria – that’s ME!  What’s cool is that I can blip anything from ABBA to Snoop Dog and everything around and in between – and if you don’t want to listen to it, you don’t have to!

Maybe it’s just me, but this is probably one of the cooler things I have come across on the Web since Twitter.  =)  Either that, or I am a complete Geek.  The Jury is still out….