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The Internet Hates Me February 11, 2009

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Last night, instead of going to my kickboxing class like a good girl, I went directly home and decided that I was going to attack this whole computer thing.

That was my first mistake.

I walked in, kissed my fiance, took off my shoes and grabbed the phone.  I first called my service provider.  They remotely reset my modem and said all was fine.  They saw the same IP address I did, and I would need to call Linksys to actually get online via the router.  Okay, that phone call was quick enough, why not try the second call?

That was my second mistake.

I called Linksys.  I got a very nice person who needed me to pull my big ol’ desk away from the stinkin’ wall (without having anything on it topple off and break) so that I could hook the cable directly to my computer and modem, rather than through the router.  Easy enough. 

From there, he tells me that I have an invalid IP address and that I would need to call my provider again because there is nothing further that they can do.


I did as I was told and called them back.  They thought it was a firewall or Norton Antivirus that was keeping me from getting online.  So, I let him know that I had already closed the firewall, but was unsure how to stop Norton from running.  He didn’t know either and told me to call Norton.

Norton wanted money in order to tell me how to close it down. 


I played around with it myself and figured it out.  (Not all blondes are dumb!)  So I called my provider again.  This guy was quite nice and very easy to speak to.  I was happy.  So, he went through everything he could think of to fix it and nothing worked.  He had to schedule a tech to come out this morning. 

I was ecstatic!  Someone was going to come out and actually see what I was talking about and fix it!

::sigh::  I was so very wrong.  First they tried to say that the wiring was done incorrectly (even though their company was the one that wired it!), then they mentioned that for some reason it’s not recognizing websites, only IP addresses.  So, I couldn’t just go to Google or Facebook – I would have to put in their IP address.  Yeah, like I know these numbers off the cuff!

So, their suggestion to me is to re-load Windows.  This is great.  Why? Because I never got a Windows disk.  It came pre-loaded onto my PC!  So now I’ve got my fiance making calls and looking around for someone who may have a disk or information on how to go about fixing my internet problems…

This definitely stinks.  Part of me feels like I should just go get a new computer.  The rest of me wishes I could afford a Mac!!