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The Top 5 SuperHero Powers I Would Love to Have April 8, 2009

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I know you have done this:

You watch a movie or tv show – a’la X-Men, Spider-Man, Heroes, and the like;  You see a cool/funny move (like when Peter Parker tries to figure out how to get the web to fly out of his wrists);  You walk into the next room and say something like, “Hey Babe! I’m a web-spinner!” and you flick your wrist like you saw on the movie.  More than likely, your friend or significant other cocked their head and looked at you with a kind of blank face.  Well, unless they are also comic book geeks..    =)

Anyway, I have had more than one of these episodes occur in my home over the past few years, so I know what you’re feeling!  And so, I am using that fodder to give you an insight onto which Super Hero powers I would love to have – be it all at one time, or grouped together to make me INVINCIBLE!  ::Insert generic evil laugh here::

  1. Time Travel – This isn’t all that exciting, but I love history.  I wasn’t all that great in my history classes, but I would love to live for a month or so in the Dark Ages, during the Italian Renaissance, and maybe even during the Ice Age…  But that would take way more research!
  2. Weather Control – Okay, it’s not your run-of-the-mill power, but watching Storm do some crazy stuff in the X-Men flicks really pushed me in that direction.  It would be pretty badass to be able to strike something with lightning, or blow down an evil building!
  3. I had Water Control as my number three, but I think I am going to replace that with Flying.  I am not one for heights, but when you think of it, if you can fly – you don’t need to be that high off the ground!  Besides, if you have flight as an ability, do you really need to fear falling?
  4. Shape Shifting.  I think I would like to be able to shape myself into different beings – rather than objects.  Well, as long as I was able to mimic them perfectly.  I wouldn’t want to look like another person, or a dog, without being able to exactly what they know how to do.  It could cause some precarious situations.
  5. Teleportation. My last superpower would be the ability to Teleport to anywhere of my choosing.  Think ‘Jumper’ but with less work.  He had to see where he was going beforehand.  I don’t want to bother with that stuff.  Show me a picture and I am there!  MUCH easier!

So, there you have it.  If I were to have any type of super power, these are my top five.  And believe me, I had a pretty long list of what I would choose.  These just happened to win out.

What about you?  Let your inner geek out and tell me what  you would choose for your top five!

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