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Weekend Plans June 26, 2009

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Even though Central Florida has had a *lot* of rain over the past few weeks (although it has slowed down a bit), I almost hope that the weekend is a rainy one. Sure, I would like to get outside, do some gardening, relax in the pool and get some sun… But I have a lot to do and if I don’t have the option of going outside, I have nothing else to do but my work!

Makes sense, right?

I would like to take some time and really read the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog emails that Darren Rowse sent out during the program. I want to immerse myself in them. To understand them, and put them to good use. He put a lot of work into that 31 day challenge, and I feel it’s only fair to take advantage of that by using the information he was so willing to hand out.

I have also found some good, basic information through the Become A Blogger website.  I downloaded two great reports that I look forward to reading – Roadmap to Become a Blogger and Blog Profits Blueprint – and they have 10 free videos that I would like to watch that are pretty much a step-by-step guide to setting up a blog.  Yes, I *know* that I already have a blog, but this is a good tutorial for when I decide to get a domain name and find a web host.  I had tried this a few years ago, but I don’t remember much about what I did. 

On that note, I need to brainstorm.  I need a catchy domain name.  I like what I have now, and DariasBlog.com might actually work, but I would like to be sure of that.  I also need to find some good, fairly inexpensive web hosts.  I found a few, but have to decide on which ones meet my particular needs.  At the moment, that should be very simple, but eventually I would like to create a website/blog with a checkout process.

I have a lot to think about and research, but, should there be rain, I will have no problem getting it all done!  I wouldn’t mind teaching myself how to use Joomla!, either.  I tried that last week and failed miserably…  I’m thinking WordPress is still the way to go, but we shall see! 

Any suggestions on where to register my domain name?  What do you use?  What about a web host?