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Peace River Camping March 12, 2009

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This weekend, I am going camping for the first time in probably close to fifteen years.  From what I remember of that trip, which was also to Peace River, it was a lot of fun.  However, we had around twenty people and we drank a *lot* of beer!  Ahh.. those were some good ol’ college days…  I love you, University of Miami!   ::insert cheesy 90’s flashbacks here::

Anyway, we are going to wake up at about 4:30 am or so, to be on the road to Peace River in Arcadia, Florida.  I am pretty excited, but a little worried.  I have heard that the trees have a lot of spiders in them, and if/ when you hit the branches, they fall into the canoe. 

Let me say this, I HATE spiders more than words can describe. 

I am hoping that we are going to be able to steer the canoe well enough so that nothing like that happens, but we’ll see!

There are only going to be five of us, which will be nice, but I was hoping more people would go.  As they say, ‘the more, the merrier’ right?  I am sure it will be nice and peaceful.  Maybe I’ll bring a book.  I am definitely going to bring my camera!  I’ll have to post the pictures when we get back. 

We have to go shopping for beer and some other small supplies when I get home tonight.  Not looking forward to that WalMart trip, but whatever.. It will still be an early night for me!  If I can get to bed by about 10, I’ll be good for the drive.  Or, I’ll just sleep in the car…  I haven’t yet decided.  Wish me luck!


EDIT: I know, it’s been a few days, but I will be posting on my trip shortly!  I had to recover from quite a few ant bites, a sunburn and lack of sleep.  But FEAR NOT! The post will be up by the end of the week!  Thanks for your patience.