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Problogger's 31 Day Challenge March 26, 2009

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PhotobucketBy now, I am sure you have heard of, if not joined, Darren Rowse’s new challenge.  Well, I am under the assumption that it is a ‘challege’ – but more of a personal one.  The point is to spend 31 days building a better blog.  Beginning on April 1st, Darren will be sending out hints and suggestions on what to do to make your blog better! 

I know that he has done things like this in the past, but I was not into blogging then, so I am very excited about this opportunity!  If you are interested, you can sign up here.  I did this last night.  I got an email with a confirmation link, and that was it.

I hope that it helps me out, because as you might be able to tell – I need it!  I don’t plan on using this particular blog to make money or anything, but I would like to start a money-making blog somewhere in the near future!  This could be the stepping stone I need!  Wish me luck!


One Response to “Problogger's 31 Day Challenge”

  1. problogger Says:

    glad to have you on board!

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