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Bike Week Ends in Daytona March 11, 2009

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This was the Loin Cloth Lady

This was the Loin Cloth Lady

My last post was about Bike Week…  I did end up going to Main Street, and it was FUN!

Although, there were some strange people…  Not that I’m shocked.  This lady seemed to be EVERYWHERE we were.  That wasn’t a bad thing.  She was very nice from what I could tell, and had a lot of people want to take pictures of her and everything.

I did not find my Skull airbrushed bike, but I found a couple of others that I will post, AND a cute helmet that I wore for the first time last night!  It’s a DOT approved helemet with a Skull on the front.   Sure, that’s not all that much to talk about, but it had blonde pigtails with pink bows on it, AND angel wings!  Could it BE more perfect?

I will post a pic of it once I get a good one.   The ones I have taken have been crappy so far.

There were some great cover bands out there, which made for some fun times..  The food.. wow..  Have you ever had a Pork Parfait?  Me neither!  But they had them there!  And some of the BEST Brisket cuts I have ever seen.. Well, maybe not the best, but certainly the largest!

The wet tee shirt contests were lacking (and this coming from a girl!) to say the best.  It was on the chilly side, so I couldn’t throw blame.

I am angry that I haven’t been able to post more this week.  The Full Moon really threw me off!  Seriously, if you are not a believer in that, I understand.  I have *always* been affected, and it just happens that this cycle has been no different.  Tomorrow, I have the work computer to myself,  so I plan on putting at LEAST two blog posts up (probably having one to post on Friday and/or Saturday to make up for the week)…

Have a great night people!


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