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Spring Cleaning – It’s Time February 27, 2009

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I am by no means a messy person. I’m not the sharpest crease on the napkin, but my home is not a pig sty. However, I tend to get ‘ostrich syndrome’ when it comes to paperwork and money. I’m not exactly ‘afraid’ of money, but I’m not the best at handling it. I am definitely trying, and sites like Wesabe help when I get around to using them, but that’s my issue and the cause of my stress. 

I wish that parents, if not schools, would teach their children about money.  My parents taught me the value of it, for which I am grateful, but not how to actually work with it.  At one point, one teacher in middle school taught the class how to write a check, but not how to balance a checkbook.  Do people even do that anymore?  With everything so easily done with a debit card, I haven’t entered anything in my checkbook since the account opened…  Sad, I know.

I used to use Quicken, which was good.  However, I uninstalled it at one point and apparrently there was some sort of ‘fatal error’ during the process.  What does this mean?  Hell if I know, but it will now not allow me to reinstall the software.  Of course, I have gotten no response from the Intuit company on how this can be fixed, but I’m not surprised. 

What I am planning on doing this weekend (being the first of yet another month) is do a complete update on all of my bills and checking/savings accounts, and whatnot.  I need to put it into some sort of spreadsheet or file or something that can be easily read, retrieved and makes sense.  I will have to browse the Wesabe site some more to see if there have been any new ideas posted that can help me out.  Are there any other good, online based money handling sites?

I may even take a look at some of the local colleges to see if maybe they have some sort of class or seminar that I could take to help me get started.  It’s really rather overwhelming!  I am open to hearing any ideas that may be floating around out there.  So, if you know of anything, pass it on!  Even if it doesn’t fit my personal situation, it could help someone else!


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