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South Beach Day 2 February 17, 2009

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First off, let me state that I am very proud of myself for being able to go out to dinner last night and behave on the South Beach Diet!

I had a couple of mushroom caps – minus the stuffing (which was SOO Hard for me!  It smelled scrumptious!), a tossed salad with oil & vinegar (I picked off the carrots), a New York strip steak and veggies.

I am really pleased that I didn’t even touch the bread that was brought to the table!  Although, I *did* ask my fiance to describe each and every bite.  That lasted for one bite.

It is just not easy for me to turn down bread; Especially warm, crusty outside, soft and buttery inside, good old fashioned bread… 

So today, I had the usual breakfast – the quiche cup and a slice of turkey and for a snack – the mozzarella string cheese.  For lunch, we have green pepper cups stuffed with cottage cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and a little side salad (lettuce and cukes).  I’m loking forward to it because I’m beginning to get hungry!

I think for dinner I will cook the chicken in my fridge.  It needs to be cooked and soon!

ON a different note!!!  The computer work is at a stand still until I can get my friend from Atlanta, or my fiance’s brother in law – also from the Atlanta area, on the phone to determine what the problem is or could be.  I just hate that the Vista DVD won’t even read!  That was probably the last thing I could do on my own that wouldn’t make  me think I have completely killed my system.

I wish I could fix it myself, but that is just not possible when it comes to the programming and such.  Or corrupted files.  How do I figure out what file is corrupted, how it got that way, and how to go about fixing it?  Yikes!  I have got to hand it to those Computer Technicians out there that really know what they are doing!  As for the people that came out to my house – they need some extra schooling, in my opinion. 

Hopefully my laptop will still be going when I get home so I can tweak my blog a bit.  I have put a couple links on Twitter over the past couple of days, to drum up some visits and some contsructive criticsim, but nothing much has happened yet…  If you see anything that you would like to comment on, or just remark upon, I would be greatful!  I don’t bite.. often.   =)


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