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Friday the Thirteenth and Valetine’s Day February 13, 2009

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It’s casual day at work, which is nice.

People are dressed in red for Singles Awareness Day Valetine’s day, or in race-car driver wear for the Daytona 500 which is on Sunday.  We have to work on Monday, which I’m not thrilled about, but hey, it’s a job, right?

Anyway, the fiance is working today at noon.  I haven’t heard anything from him today, which bothers me, but I think he’s upset with me.  I’m not completely sure.  I hate when he’s mad at me.  I love him just so very much!  And with Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, the timing is horrible!  He has to work for most of the day tomorrow, anyway, but still..  ::Sigh::  Maybe it’s the curse of Friday the 13th!  I don’t normally believe in that kind of stuff, but it may be true today.  This is the first of THREE Friday the 13ths this year – March and November are the other two.  Hopefully March’s will go better! 

The home computer is still down, but I have a few things to try when I get home tonight!  Wish me luck!  If it does not work, I will probably not be able to post again until Monday, which kind of sucks because I have been in the groove and I have a lot more stuff that I want to do to the blog!  I have pages I want to add, pictures, links… All kinds of stuff for your enjoyment!  Well, the few of you who actually stop in to read this!  I am using a lot of exclamation points.  I must stop that.

So, no big plans for the weekend.  Computer work, maybe a walk here and there, laundry…  I may cook a few things as well.  Like I may have mentioned, some of the girls at work are getting together and starting the South Beach Diet next week, so I may prepare my casserole this weekend and bring it in on Thursday or Friday.

I guess that’s the dish for now…  I hope to be back in good spirits soon!  Getting the computer up and the man calm will help greatly!


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