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Internet issues SUCK February 9, 2009

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I have not left my blog to the wayside!  I really havent!

I tried to post a blog on Friday night so that I could keep on my trend of a post a day.  I turned on the computer, clicked on my internet icon and got the error message I dread, “Page Not Found”.  WTF?

So, since it was late, I chalked it up to fate and went to bed. 

Saturday was pretty busy, so I tried again in the afternoon during the few moments I had at home and had no luck.  (I get so frustrated with my ISP sometimes!!!)  I tried the usual, restarting the computer, resetting the router, nothing worked.  I then (probably a dumb idea) decided to reset my modem.  I used to do that at work all the time, but then it hit me, I would only unplug it – not reset it.

I gave myself a big kick in the pants for that one…

Sunday, I was way too frustrated to deal with the ‘lovely’ people they have in the Customer Service department, so I am going to go home this afternoon, sit down, and think of sunny skies and waves crashing while trying to deal with the idiots that inevitably answer my phone call.

In other news, I am starting the South Beach Diet Phase 1 today.  A couple of women in the office are going to put up with it too!  I think one started today and the rest may wait until next week, but I go so excited reading about it that I figured, “why not start as soon as I can?”  So I did! 

Today I have had:

1 Slice of American Cheese

1 Hard Boiled Egg (no salt)

a few pices of celery (not full stalks, just the usual snack size you see in the grocery store)

a handful of snow peas

For lunch I have a chicken caesar salad, but I am going to eat it with little to no dressing.  I may see if anyone has some lemon juice or olive oil around.  Just to give it some sort of flavor!

I’m still learning about what can and cannot be consumed during this phase, but I’m sure I’ll catch on.  As long as I cut out my beer, bread, pasta and rice, I should have a nice start.  

So, here is my post for now.  Hopefully, the internet will take pity upon me and be up and running when I return home… 

Hey, a girl can dream, right??


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